Thursday, May 24, 2012

Featured Author's Showcase.......

Upcoming Author Showcase..................

We have a New AUTHOR, who will be featured on "AN AUTHOR SPEAKS" at Sisterhoods Connections Blog Radio

Live on Air June 1st at 5:00 p.m (pst) & 7:00 p.m (cst)

  Author "Tina Mae Lawson" says:"
"Words are the Voice of the Heart"
Author Tina Lawson, who is a Poet who have written the her 1st book called: "The Color of Butterflies".  She is a mother of  Three Children, and is the Oldest of Six children from her parents Christine & Samuel Martinez. Tina was born and raised in Texas. Tina has dedicated her book to her Late Mother Christine Martinez who was also a writer herself. She contributes her success to the many personal experience in which God allowed her to overcome and brings powerful testimonies and humor which pertains to everyday events. Tina's Book is a Compliation of about 60 poems and was published in November 2011.
The Interview:

HOST: "When did you first realize you had a Gift to Write Poems?

TINA:  It was when I was in Grade School, "I remember my teacher asking me to put my thoughts into a Journal."

HOST: What type of Topic's do your poems consist of?

TINA:  Well, My Poems are alittle different, they deal strictly with my day to day life events, I would take those events and place them into a diary until I decide to create my Book.

HOST:  How did you come up with the Name of your Book ?

TINA:  " My book originally had another name, but after my sister and I kept reviewing the different style format of my poems, She suggested I name it "The Color of Butterflies" because each Poem has it's own message.

HOST:  How do you Like being An Author?

TINA:  It's been and Amazing Journey, " I remember when my Book first Arrived it was like GOLD to me, I held onto it because I was so Happy to see everything I had suffer was now available for other's to read.

HOST:  What would you like your Viewer's to know about "TINA MAE LAWSON"?

TINA:  I am a very passionate person when it comes to my writing! My Poems consist of 20 years of my ups and downs and I am really grateful for this gift because it was a gift in which my mother who past in 2009 shared as well.  I hope all who read them will be inspired by them and I hope that each message my poems send is a message of hope and truth!

HOST:  We Thank You, MS. "TINA MAE LAWSON" and We here at An AUTHOR SPEAKS, would like to wish you greater success and we are looking forward to Our Live Interview with you, we encourage the viewers, and our Listener's to get the " Book : "The Color of Butterflies" which are words from the Heart from a very kind Lady!   Please Check the Schedule for her Live Interview on the Air in May 2012.

If you would like to know more about this Author you may contact her on facebook: www.facebook/  .

Thank you for your Support and we hope you join us Live on Air with "AUTHOR TINA MAE LAWSON"