Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Results are In! The American Idol Poetry Show....

Welcome To An Author Speaks!

Our Show will Air Live  (((FRIDAY))) Oct. 12th 2012 at: 5:00 PM (PST) Only at An Author Speaks!

We would like to Thank Everyone for Participating in the  "AMERICAN IDOL POETRY CONTEST"

                                   THE RESULTS ARE FINALLY IN:
                    HERE IS THE NAMES OF OUR FINALIST!!

Poetry Winners are::::::::::::::::::

* Nisha Bowen* Sandra Krajewski*Vulyncia Poxindeter
* Norlita Brown * Deborah Ann Palmer

Congratulations Ladies, You have made it to our Finalist!
Get ready to go Live on the air  Oct. 12th 2012 at: 5:00pm sharp!

Each Finalist will receive an Email from our Host to Instruct you When/Where/How our Show will proceed. We want to Thank EVERYONE who submitted there Poetry and We wish you all much Success!!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Meet Author "Jake Bell III"

Welcome To An Author Speaks!

On Friday Sept. 28th  at: 4:30 pm. (PST)    Call Number #: (646) 716-4707

Author Jake Bell III

Author Jake Bell III will be here to share his Two Books "My Thoughts And My Words" and His Latest Book Release called:"The Black Man, Thinking and Rethinking" .  Jake is and extraordinary Author who have designed his own Publishing Company and have displayed a Gift to speak to People through the solitude of his words. He will be here to talk openly and candid to our Sistas on this Topic "Sistas you Already Knew".  We would Love for you to Tune into our Show as we listen the smooth words of Author Jake Bell III. Jake Bell can be reached at my thoughts

If you would like to become a Guest on our show you may email us at:

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Doctor & Nurse of Love!

Welcome to An Author Speaks!
     Guest Speakers:
                                 Meet the Doctor & Nurse of Love: Shon and Londina Hyneman
  Wednesday: Sept. 26th  5:00 p.m PST

They are here to Conclude their Last Night about this Topic called "Love".   Shon & Londina have been happily married for a number of years and have a beautiful daughter, they are the founders of "Never Again Ministries and they are here to share the Love Series with our Listeners!

Today's Topics:

* Why is LOVE so Important?
* What is the Difference between "Loving yourself or Being A Lover of Yourself?
*Why does Women Love Harder than Men?

If you have any questions you may call into our show at: (646) 716-4707 while our show is Live or use our Chat room to post your Questions!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Meet Author Stephanie Williams

Welcome To An Author Speaks!

October 19th At: 5:00 pm. (PST)  I will be Interviewing "Author Stephanie Williams"  If you have Questions you may call into our show:(646)-716-4707

    Or you may login , and use our BTR Chat room to post your questions!

              Latest Book: Finding Eve... But, Where Is Adam?
                        One Man, One Woman and One God!
Author Stephanie Williams has been writing for many years! After being called into the Ministry Stephanie felt God Speaking to her about Men and Women Relationships.  In 2009, Williams released her first book called: "Take Me As I Am" this story is about a Women who struggles to find Purpose while being a victim of Deception. Stephanie decided this time she wanted to speak to her reader's in away she could help shed much light , about how many people are being deceived by their own expectations and desires.
 "Finding Eve....But, Where Is Adam" is the Book that can help many Men & Women Understand how Important it is to Identify What is the primary position they should be standing in order to receive their mate. Williams demonstrates in this book what happened in the Garden of Adam & Eve and she shares key scriptures to help clarify the true meaning of a Man,Woman and God Relationship. This book can be used to reference scriptures pertaining to God's First Man and Women Relationship and help the believer find their purpose and destiny at the same time. Would you please Welcome "Author Stephanie L. Williams" to An Author Speaks!

If you wish to become a guest you may email us at:

Book Hunt Review/Meet Author Sherri Rabinowitz

Welcome TO An Author Speaks!

On FRIDAY September 14th We will begin our  BOOK HUNT REVIEW, and Then I will interview our GUEST  Author Sherri Rabinowitz who has written Two Fiction Books!

                                                                                    MEET "AUTHOR SHERRI RABINOWITZ"
 Sherri has been writing since she was a small child. She was inspired by Ray Bradbury and Agathe Christie. Sherri worked as an actress, travel agent, and several forms of Customer Service. Sherri's passion has always been for writing and she loves and enjoys both reading and writing for fiction. "Fantasy Time Inc." is her latest book and was nominated for The Global eBook Award. Today Author Sherri Rabinowitz will be here to introduce also her 1st book as well which called "Murder Inc."would you Help me Welcome "Author Sherri Rabinowitz" to An Author Speaks!

You May Call Into our show at: (646) 716-4707   Time: 5:30 pm (PST)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Re-Broadcast for "Author Elizabeth Chalker"

Welcome To An Author Speaks!

September 11, 2012
Today Live At 4:00 p.m PST Call In # (646)-716-4707

"Author Elizabeth Chalker" she has written her 1st book called "Hanging on by Scratch Mark my nails left behind" (Raw Faith).  We will be doing a Re-Broadcast of her show if you would like to learn more about Elizabeth Chalker and Her struggle with a Life threatening disease such as Lyme Disease you may visit Elizabeth Website: 

She have provided us with Websites that share up to date information about Lyme Disease. Elizabeth is very determined to speak the Truth about this issue. If you would like to know more about this Disease and how it affects the body you may visit one of these Websites: , and
                                                                                                                                                                          If  you would like to donate to "THE ELIZABETH FUND"  to help her receive the medical attention she needs and deserves you may go to: Remember every $ you give helps saves the Life of this young women who life was deteriorated by this disease.
                                        "Elizabeth, says "Thank you" for All of your Support"


My 30 DAY BOOK HUNT REVIEW............

Hello Listener's and Friends,

It's Time for My Book Review of the Book Called: "Casting The First Stone" By:Author Kimberla Lawson Roby!

Title/Book Description: "Casting The First Stone"

Kimberla Lawson Roby tells the story of Tanya Black, an honest, faithful, independent woman who is struggling to come to terms with her failing marriage.
The Black household is swiftly deteriorating. Frustrated and angry at her prosperous preacher husband's obvious infidelities, Tanya cannot believe the man she once loved has been replaced by this pathological liar obsessed with material wealth. But Tanya loves their daughter, Alicia, and is reluctant to divorce Curtis - until a videotape surfaces that allows Tanya and Alicia a new chance at happiness.
©2000 Kimberla Lawson Roby; (P)2001 Recorded Books

In my Own Words:
I must agree with Eric Jerome Dickey Kimberla is a true writer, She shares a story about a man who is driven by his material goods and success as he became a Prominent Pastor in a Upscale Community of followers, As i begin to experience the tale I recognized that Kimberla story was based around a conversation dialog. She's mastered what makes a story believable and that is to make her reader's feel as if they are apart of a conversation right before their own eyes! I begin to see how Tanya Black and her daughter Alicia had been afflicted with many moments that began to shatter the family by a number of lies and deceitful acts done by Reverend Curtis Black.  Tanya's story needed to be told, even though Mrs. Roby has drawn her storyline around a Selfish and Deceitful Husband, her message is to help women who have been deceived into a very miserable marriage where what seems to look good isn't the case! 
 So Far Kimberla gets a Five Star......
( If you are following this Series please leave me an Email. I would love to have a heart to heart interview with anyone who have read this book) Be the first to Join me as we continue the 30 day Book Hunt Review!

Friday, September 7, 2012


Welcome to An Author Speaks!

On Sept.7th at 6:30 pm (PST) we will be Kicking Off Our "AMERICAN IDOL POETRY SHOW"
Call In # (646) 716-4707

We are allowing auditions for this show, If you Love Poetry and you believe you have the gift to write beautiful poems that other people would love to hear!  Look No further and send your Entry which is your BEST Poetry to us by email at: today!

We will close this audition on 9/18/12 at the close of that day! On 9/28/12 We will announce our (5) Top Finalist and on 10/5/12 we will Air our show Live here in Our Studio at Our Live Mic Cafe! Each Contestant will have a chance to recite their Poetry for the world to hear Live at AN AUTHOR SPEAKS! 

We will have a panel of Judges, and we will grade our contestants on: rhythm, style and personality! at the end of the evening we will have our 2012 American Idol Poetry Winner. 

You will be given a prize along with press on our official website along with your Bio for everyone to meet you, Also we will grant you the honor to become A Judge on our next year show for 2012!  It will be a Blast!!

If you are Interested make sure you get your entry in no later than SEPT. 18th. We hope to see you hear!


To Our Listeners Thank You For Your Continued Support!
Your Host, Here At An Author Speaks!A Poet LadySilk a.k.a Gayle to her friends and family is here today!She is an accomplished Poet who have sown her life to the Art of Spoken word.  If you already know Gayle you know she is a kind woman who enjoy Poetry!  If you would like to hear her talk about her dedication and her life she will be here to share with her fans and Listener about this Community of Poets on Sept. 7th at 6:30 pm pst! If you have questions for the Poet you may call (646) 716-4707

Please Help me Welcome Another Talent Poet A.K.A

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Author ELizabeth Chalker

Welcome To An Author Speaks Our Guest "Elizabeth Chalker"
Show will Air: September 6th  4:00 pm (PST)  
Call in #: (646)-716-4707

Elizabeth is a single woman, who created a wonderful Book that shares the many accounts of her faith as she discovers she is battling with a Life-threatening Illness along with many other challenges that many Christians faces as they walk and continue in their faith!
 Elizabeth was like an Ordinary woman who had  dreams and desires,before her life took a turn in a different direction. She have always had the support of many of her family and friends in which has cause her faith to be strengthen in these tough times.  She has decided to speak openly and bold about her faith in her book called: "Hanging on By the Scratch Marks My Nails Left Behind (Raw Faith)". Would you please help me welcome "AUTHOR ELIZABETH CHALKER" to our show!

Join, us as we discuss her Faith and her Book Live at An Author Speaks!