Friday, December 21, 2012

Welcome To Our New Talk Show "Love Tips"

You are Invited to tune into our show on Friday Dec. 21st at 6pm (PST) for 1hr. 
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Hello Listeners & Friends, 
We would like to bring to you a New Show that deals with many Topics that relate to Men, Women & Relationships!

Our 1st show will Air on Dec. 21st and this show is dedicated to our "Black Sistah's"  We would like to fully address some of the many issues Black Women in today's time tend to struggle with. And we would like to Invite you to call in and Talk Live with our Host and Her Guest Co-host if you would like to address a particular issue.
 I have a very Amazing Guest who Wrote a Book for Men & Women,
which share key tips on How Africian American people can begin to become Empowered by the Choices they make. A book to unlock a Woman's soul. If you are struggling with self-esteem, loneliness, rejection, betrayal, you will enjoy this episode with My Guest Co-Host: Daryl McKeever who will share some of the principles from his book called: " Sick and Tired, Sick and Tired". We will have (3) episodes which will give you a chance to get in there and explore the way you can enter into a life of fullness and promise in a world of darkness.

Please post your comments below our Show Episode and you may Join this community to keep up with our Next show date and connect with our Host and Guest Co-host for Love Tips!
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Monday, December 17, 2012

Meet Author Brenda Stokes Lee

  Welcome To An Author Speaks,

On Wed. (Dec. 19th) at: 4pm/PST  we will have" Author Brenda Stokes Lee" here at An Author Speaks!

            If you would like to talk with this author please dial: (646) 716-4707
                 While we are live on the air......

    Brenda Stokes Lee is a very passionate writer who enjoys writing Romance and Erotica. Brenda has captivated a large number of fans by her First Eclectic Novel called "The Naked Truth About Love" she used this series to develop her writing skills to branch out into a world that was unknown.  Once her talent was truly developed she continued to publish her Books which led to a tremendous number of fans who have purchased  many of her  Hot & Spicy Erotica Books.
  Brenda have a list of novels which have granted her the opportunity to receive many awards
and becoming a nominee for the Best book cover of 2012 on amazon called: Toy's Story. Now with her latest book called: "Escape to Paris With Love" is where her name has been added on the "Africian American Women Fiction" best selling list with her book ranked at #9 and she also has other books place among this list as well. Brenda Strokes Lee holds the Award in this picture for being the Best Erotic Author of the Year presented by BRAB. Brenda Stokes Lee, Is now here at An Author Speaks to share her Latest book and Life with our Listeners. Brenda shares her success with her family & friends and resides in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Meet "Author Neal James"

Welcome to An Author Speaks!

On December 14th We will have A Visit from Our Guest Author "Neal James" with his Latest Book: "Threads of Deceit"  
                       To Listen Dial: (646) 716-4707
                          11 am (PST)/ 6 pm (GMT)

Help Us Turn the Pages with Guest Author Neal James who
has created a New Page Turner called Threads Of Deceit!  Neal James has a passion to write books that allow you to think while he creates plots to the help his fans enjoy Mystery, Crime and Thrillers with his own unique twist! Neal also is the Author of Several other Great books & Short Stories for his fans to enjoy.. If you like Mystery & Crime stories you will enjoy his latest called: "Threads of Deceit" only here at An Author Speaks!
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Monday, December 3, 2012

"A Raw Faith"Talk Show"

Welcome to: "A Raw Faith Talk Show"

Meet Host (Keesha) & (Co-Host) Elizabeth  here on Wed. Dec. 5th at: 2:00 p.m (PST)

Hello Everyone, 

Today on " A Raw FAITH" Talk Show we will be discussing "What is the difference between Ordinary faith and Raw faith with Host (Keesha) and Co-Host (Elizabeth).

Elizabeth will be reading from her book: Hanging on by the Scratch Marks, My Nails left behind (Raw Faith)  and will be discussing what she believes have helped her remain in faith even while battling her illness.  Keesha has Invited A Special Guest (Ruby Mariea Walker-Owens) to give her own testimony regarding her faith and how she have learned to walk boldly in her faith while dealing with day to day life issues.

You may join us as we come together and explore "WHAT FAITH IS"?

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