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Welcome to An Author Speaks!

    Today we will be Interviewing a  New "Author Ruth P. Watson" With Latest Book: "Blackberry Days of Summer"

Her Show Air's:  FRIDAY AUGUST 31ST AT: 6:30 pm (PST)
Listener's #: (646)-716-4707

Author Ruth Watson is the Author of her Latest book called "BLACKBERRY DAYS OF SUMMER". Ruth grew up in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Lynchburg,Virginia. She attended Dunbar High School and graduated from E.C. Glass High. After leaving Virginia for college, she relocated to Atlanta and worked as a project manager for a major corporation where she found herself writing once again, publishing stories in the company newsletter. After completing her graduate work at Central Michigan University, she began to write daily. She is the recipient of Caversham Fellowship, an artist and writer's residence in KwaZulu South Africa where she published her first children's book in Zulu, Our Secred Bond. She is a freelance writer and a member of  the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators, and has written for Upscale, Atlanta Journal and Constitution and other publications. She lives with her husband and son in Atlanta.

Would you help me Welcome  Author Ruth Watson to An Author Speaks!


Host:  Welcome, Ruth Watson to An Author Speaks!

Ruth:  Thank You, I am glad to be here today!

Host:  Ruth I enjoyed the first few chapters of your book and I want to ask you briefly how does it feel
to be an accomplished writer?

Ruth:  I can say it feels, Wonderful! I believe I was born to write,share and learn. My book BLACKBERRY DAYS OF SUMMER just reveals to others how many hidden secrets we tend to kept and how painful it is to live with them. There is more to it but you have to read it for yourself.

Host:  I read somewhere you have written other books?

Ruth:  Yes I have,  one it's called: "Hard Lessons" It's about a young girl who learns many lessons which teaches her not to always trust the people she believes in the most! My children book is called "Secred Bond" its created to reveal bonds children tend to establish in there adolescent years.

Host:  Wow, your books sounds really interesting! I may have to check them out as well.

Ruth:  Yes, each one of my books deals with lessons and secrets that lives from within us,

Host: Tell me one thing you enjoy the most about writing?

Ruth:  I enjoy being able to challenge my reader to look deeper from within themselves for answers. It has been my own experience we have everything we need, all we have to learn how to work with what we already have. I am a deep thinker and I truly believe that most of life lessons can be resolved when we learn to look from within!

Host:  That is Awesome!  I know people who read your books will sense the warmth from with you and I appreciate you allowing us to learn more about you and your book. I cannot wait to have you come live here at An Author Speaks, And we wish you more and more success than you could ever imagine.

Ruth: Thank you, Very much and I look Forward to being a Guest on your show!

Host: Please tell your fans, and Listener's how they can find you or purchase your books?

Ruth: I can be found on Facebook "Ruth P. Watson" My books are sold on, and Barnes and Noble,  If my Fans would like to learn more about me they can google: "Blackberry Days of Summer" or visit my website:

Host: Thank you, Author Ruth Watson, and I want to let your fans know to Tune into An Author Speaks on Friday August 31st at 6:30 p.m (PST) while I begin to Interview This Author.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Friday's Book Hunt 30 day READ and Update News......

Welcome to An Author Speaks,


MARK YOUR CALENDARS  AUG. 31st. at: 5:00 p.m (PST)

Come and Join our Host as she begin her New Book! She will talk about the book and the first Three Chapter of her Latest Book Hunt:  "Casting The First Stone" By Kimberla Lawson Roby. Our Host have decided to Introduce her latest Book Hunt to her Listener's & BookClub Followers!
  Do you Love a Story that keep the pages turning? If so read along for 30 days, and Join us back here to discuss  this book! You will Learn what makes a Best Seller out of An Author only here at An Author Speaks.  And she will share An Author Speaks Updated show Itinerary and Introduce Her Special Guest Author "Elizabeth Chalker". Come and Tune into a Fun and Heart felt show with Host Keesha Here at An Author Speaks!

Book Review For Casting The First Stone!
This is A Review from the The BARNES & NOBLE  REVIEW SITE! (

Posted September 12, 2004


'Casting the first stone' is a great book! i could not put it down for nothing in the world. i loves how the author put the book together. it was so good that i had to read it twice! i believe that curtis got what he deserved in the end!. go out and buy this book, it will have you on the edge of your seat!

Rating was a FIVE STAR REVIEW!! 

Meet " Elizabeth Chalker"
                         Friday Aug. 31st.  At: 5:00 pm (PST) 
                                          Listener's Call#: (646) 716-4707
"Hanging On by the Scratch Marks My Nails Left Behind Raw Faith" by Elizabeth Chalker
Tune in with Our Special Guest as she share her testimony and ask everyone to get involved an support her cause.  Elizabeth is a Survivor living with "Lyme Disease". She will be on An Author Speaks to Share her testimony. And she will be back for her Live Interview with her book On  Sept. 6th  (THURSDAY) at 5:00 pm (PST) to share her wonderful but brave story! 
 Come out and Listen to this amazing woman who have the Faith of a Mustard seed! She would like to share her life and personal struggles with you so others may understand just how serious this illness really is. This a show you don't want to miss only at An Author Speaks!

If you would like to Donate a Special 
Gift to Author Elizabeth Chalker
you may visit her website to:
Elizabeth appreciates your Help!

" I just feel so Blessed" to See others take notice to My Illness!  Thank you Everyone and May God Bless You!                                                                                             "Elizabeth Chalker"

Ready or Not, Here He Comes!

 Our Doctor of Love Author Shon Hyneman & Londina Hyneman is coming back to An Author Speaks!
    This Lovely Couple will be sharing the In's and Out's about the word called "LOVE"Author Shon Hyneman is the Author of his Latest Book called "Wisdom Preventing Problems Before They Happen" They will be with us Every Wednesday at 5:00 p.m. (PST) starting Sept. 5th !
  So Mark your Calendars and Join the Fun!

Listener's # (646) 716-4707   If you have a question for our Guest call in and follow the prompt! or you can email your questions while the Show is Live at: we will be sharing your comments Live with Our Doctor of Love!

 Meet Londina and I for a Chat about LOVE.....

On (Sept.5th) at: 5:00 pm (PST)
                  Only at



Author Shon Hyneman
          "The Doctor of Love"


Friday, August 24, 2012

Author Alice V. Benton

Welcome to An Author Speaks!

    Author Alice v. Benton, She is a Single Mother of 2 adult children and is a grandmother who lives in Brooklyn New York. Alice has written Three books and her first book is called "BLACK LOVE" a book of poetry. Her Next book is called "BEAUTY IN PAIN" which is a Novel, And her Latest book is called "AUTUMN'S FIVE SEASONS the men." Join her as she discuss her New book, Her Life and her Advice to New Authors!  Come And say Hello to the Author! Her show airs on Aug. 24th at: 5:00pm (PST)


Host:   Hello Alice!

Alice:  Hello, And Good to be here!

Host:  I am glad you were able to come back and we are excited to have you here!

Alice: Well Thank You, and I'm Happy to be here as well.

Host:  Alice, can you share what is like to be and inspiring Author?

Alice:  Well I must say it's a wonderful feeling to be an Author who seeks to inspire my readers to dream bigger than they can imagine. I enjoying creating characters that my fans will not forget!

Host:  Wonderful, Well that makes a difference,, What made you write your Book Black Love?

Alice: What made me feel like Black Love needed to be written was my love for poetry and I started my writing through the words of poetry.

Host:  Can you tell us a little about Beauty in Pain?

Alice: Well this book is about my Sister, who was in a tragic accident, and It's her story i felt needed to be told.

Host:  Now, what about "Autumn's Five Seasons the men" tell us about your latest book?

Alice:  This book is about a woman who falls in love in the different season's of her life, It's a funny, but true collections of her past up to her future. Autumn is a character that will keep you coming back for more of her and I am happy to present her to An Author Speaks!

Host: Okay, Everyone  "Author Alice V. Benton" will be here to share her books on Aug.24th at (Pst)

Host: Alice how can your fans contact you?

Alice: They can go to facebook, ebay, amazon, and google my name and they will find me and my books.  They will also have a chance to order either one of my books from one of my most trusted sites or they may leave a message for me at An Author Speaks.

Host: Well, I am Happy you are here, and I can't wait to talk with you Live on Aug.24th. And Thank you
Alice we wish you the most success here from An Author Speaks! 

Friday, August 17, 2012

Author Ton'e Brown


 Come and Join Us, As we Welcome Another Guest Author from our Author's Showcase on  (FRIDAY) (PST) Here at An Author Speaks! (646)-716-4707

      "The Voice of Hope"   
 Author "Ton'e Brown", Is a Inspirational Storyteller who is determine to dig deep within herself to deliver a timely message. Her stories remind her readers of human experiences and tragedies which continue to clarify that God can still use a vessel which was once broken. Ton'e loves to challenge her reader's to stand until the end no matter what comes your way, "Stay Determined Until You Receive Your Prize".
 Although Author Ton'e Brown Inspirational message has been present in her books her message of Hope and Faith remains to be the essence of her being and have cause her fans to be renewed in their hearts and in their faith! Ton'e s latest book "Rough Patch Twisted Fate" Her Story encourages her readers to know that they are not alone Even when it really feels as if they are! Ton'e lives in Atlanta, Georgia and was born in Indiana, Indianapolis. Ton'e is a Business Woman who have won many accolades for her acclaimed books and have decided to help other Author's and Writer's while she attempts to share and coach the life of Future Best Sellers. Would you please help me welcome Our Guest Author "Ton'e Brown" to An Author Speaks!
The Interview:

Host: Hello, Ton'e!

Ton'e:  Hello, Keesha I am happy to be here!

Host:  I feel happy for you, I want to begin our Interview asking you to share something About yourself?

Ton'e: If I could say anything about myself, I would say I a very passionate person when it comes to helping other people. I believe we all need some form of help!

Host: That's wonderful, I know your family is happy about your success! But can you share with us a little bit about your Latest book?

Ton'e:  Yes! Rough Patch Twisted Fate tells a story about two character's that share similar fates! In the end they will learn what life is really about!

Host: Tell us about your publishing Business?

Ton'e: Okay, I'm the founder of "Hayden Publishing" which I decided to create because I learned many lessons which could help others when I began my Journey as a Self Published Author. I really felt what I learned should not go to waste.

Host: Can you share one of the lessons which you overcame as your journey continued as an Author?

Ton'e: One Lesson I learned was if you have a love for writing, don't keep it from the world get your work published because you never know who will be affected by your writing. I had been writing for many years before my work was published. I would have never thought that I could have ever won the accolades and respect from others had I never given my work a chance. Even though I've never made it about sells without a message, it was a lesson that everyone should ask themselves, Why do I want to become an Author?

Host: Can you share with our Listeners where they can contact you or purchase your book?

Ton'e: If  anyone want to contact me, go to my website at: or you can contact me on Facebook at: Ton'e Brown. Also, my books are on amazon. Check my books out!

Host:  Ton'e I really appreciate you, for coming on An Author Speaks! And I cannot wait to talk with you live on the air! Please check for our showtime.

Ton'e:  Truly this is a Blessing!    

Please Tune into our show live, Only Here at An  Author Speaks!!                                                                        

Friday, August 10, 2012

Listener's and Friends!!

From: An Author Speaks,
Dear: Listeners and Friends

   It's been our pleasure to bring you wonderful New Faces each week, we have been doing well with your support! Our Show is making and important impact on the Literary Community. We already have 1000's of listener's and we are honored you have been very supportive and happy to become apart of a growing community of Listeners!

Why we do what we do:

* Because Authors need a platform to make a more personal Impact on their fans, readers, and listeners!
* Because we care!
* Because making a mark that can change this world is key!
* Because we believe through this exposure you well increase your traffic and sales!

If you would like to become a guest on our show you may email us:

We will be Introducing new ways to market your books on a higher scope soon! Thank you again for your continued support!!  We Invite you to join our community of Friends and Authors!

Author Tina Mae Lawson

Welcome to An Author Speaks!!

We would like to Invite you to a Follow-Up Show for "Author Tina Mae Lawson"

Ms. Lawson will be here LIVE Today sharing her Book "THE COLOR OF BUTTERFLIES"
and we will find out how her Book is doing on this Follow-Up show!

Tune in After our Show for a quick Update on "Author Tina Mae Lawson" only here at An Author Speaks!

Call in Time: 6:00 pm (PST)
Number: (646) 716-4707
Date: August 10, 2012

If you would like to be a guest on An Author Speaks you may email us at:

Author "Saragine Francois"

 AUGUST 10TH  AT: 5:00 P.M (PST)
    Call in #: (646) 716-4707
     "Author Saragine Francois"
  "New Book, New Story, New Adventure"......
Today we would like to welcome Another Guest to AN AUTHOR SPEAKS....
 "AUTHOR SARAGINE FRANCOIS".     Saragine is an Author who enjoys writing stories for Children literature. Saragine has written a Number of Books for Children everyday enjoyment. Her passion for writing Children Stories begin in 2003 after attending Suffolk Community College where her talent was birth for writing Children Tales. Saragine is also a Substitute Teacher for Middle school and is a Wife and Mother of (5) children (3) Boys and (2) girls. She enjoys creating and writing books that help engage the minds of children. She will be here at An Author Speaks to share her Latest Book: "Diamond's Lucky Penny" along with many of her wonderful created line of Children Books! Can you please help me Welcome "AUTHOR SARAGINE FRANCOIS" to AN AUTHOR SPEAKS!! 


Host:   Hello, Saragine Francois,

Saragine: Hello, and Thank you for this Interview

Host: I appreciate you willing to come and share with us "WHO IS SARAGINE"?

Saragine: We'll,  Saragine is a wife and mother, I Love children and I believe my life mission was not only to become a mother but also help stimulate the minds of young people.

Host: When did you decide to become an Author for Children Literature?

Saragine: Honestly, it was while I was attending college to pursue my teacher's credentials. My teacher told everyone in our class to create a children storybook which would be considered apart of our final. While creating this story I learned my gift was to become a Children Literature Author.

Host:  Do you remember what story did you select to write about for your Final?

Saragine: Yes, It was called "The Magic Pen"  Mainly because I wanted a Magic pen that would solve this problem for me to write this story for my final. Later after becoming an Published Author I created "Sasha and the Magic Pen" 

Host: Wonderful, Now how does it feel to be able to write imaginative stories that help shape the minds of many children?

Saragine: It's been a wonderful journey, I feel like I've found who I am in my writing, And what I enjoy the most is the fact that many Children can enjoy the imaginative characters in a Healthier since. Many Avid readers and friend have purchased my books because it's been said that my characters seem so real anyone young mind can enjoy!

Host:  How have the Community of Children Literature received your Books?

Saragine:  Funny you ask, But I was just told by Frecklesbox  that my books should be read by all children. This made me feel Like I am doing something great for Children and I hope they enjoy my books.

Host:Tell me what is a Day like with Saragine?

Saragine: We'll as you already know I rise early because I have to get my children off to school and then after my house is quite I love to sit down and watch Good Morning America with a warm cup of tea.  Later I begin doing some writing,editing or research whatever is necessary to complete my projects. I also enjoy reading Novel from Best Seller's who are Famous because I want to try and understand why did their books become a Best Seller!

Host: Great Ideal, Now we definitely can't wait Saragine to have a Live Interview with you on the Air, But before we leave can you tell us how can you be contacted?

Saragine: Sure, I can be reached on Facebook at: Saragine Francois. Or my fans may visit my website at: they can leave me a message and I will get back with them. My books are available on ebooks for kindle and nooks devices, and can be purchased in book format on Amazon.

Host: Well, Thank you "Author Saragine Francois" for being available to come on our show! We appreciate your gift and Wish you Much Success!! And We Look forward to learning more about you on An Author Speaks Live!

Saragine: Thank You for allowing to come and share my story and Journey. I appreciate this opportunity!

Host: We want to Invite all of our Listeners to Come and Listen to Author Saragine Francois on Friday Aug. 10th at 5:00 p.m (PST) only here at An Author Speaks!!