Friday, September 28, 2012

Meet Author "Jake Bell III"

Welcome To An Author Speaks!

On Friday Sept. 28th  at: 4:30 pm. (PST)    Call Number #: (646) 716-4707

Author Jake Bell III

Author Jake Bell III will be here to share his Two Books "My Thoughts And My Words" and His Latest Book Release called:"The Black Man, Thinking and Rethinking" .  Jake is and extraordinary Author who have designed his own Publishing Company and have displayed a Gift to speak to People through the solitude of his words. He will be here to talk openly and candid to our Sistas on this Topic "Sistas you Already Knew".  We would Love for you to Tune into our Show as we listen the smooth words of Author Jake Bell III. Jake Bell can be reached at my thoughts

If you would like to become a Guest on our show you may email us at:

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