Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Brotha Speaks Show

Welcome to An Author Speaks,

On Friday Nov. 2, 2012  at 7pm (PST)  We will Introduce a New Show called:
  "A Brotha Speaks"  With Host Keesha & Co-Host Jake Bell.

                        The Topic: "THE 90 DAY RULE"
Come and Join the Fun as they discuss Live How this rule works While dating in this Modern Day Society!  You may call into this show if you have a question at: (646) 716-4707 or use our Live Chat room to post all your comments & questions.

              Meet Host Keesha  & Jake Bell                        Introduction:
Jake Bell is the Founder of "A Brotha Speaks" Podcast which aired for two years, than Jake decided to create his first book "My thoughts and My words" He later decided to create My Thoughts publishing Company in order to promote his own manuals and books which encourages Individuals to make a relative change in order to recognize better results. He and Keesha from An Author Speaks have been sharing the same message into the lives of men and women. Today you will get a chance to understand a woman point and views as well as a man on a number of topics that are geared to help like minded individuals grow and become healthy thinkers when going into relationships.

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