Monday, December 17, 2012

Meet Author Brenda Stokes Lee

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On Wed. (Dec. 19th) at: 4pm/PST  we will have" Author Brenda Stokes Lee" here at An Author Speaks!

            If you would like to talk with this author please dial: (646) 716-4707
                 While we are live on the air......

    Brenda Stokes Lee is a very passionate writer who enjoys writing Romance and Erotica. Brenda has captivated a large number of fans by her First Eclectic Novel called "The Naked Truth About Love" she used this series to develop her writing skills to branch out into a world that was unknown.  Once her talent was truly developed she continued to publish her Books which led to a tremendous number of fans who have purchased  many of her  Hot & Spicy Erotica Books.
  Brenda have a list of novels which have granted her the opportunity to receive many awards
and becoming a nominee for the Best book cover of 2012 on amazon called: Toy's Story. Now with her latest book called: "Escape to Paris With Love" is where her name has been added on the "Africian American Women Fiction" best selling list with her book ranked at #9 and she also has other books place among this list as well. Brenda Strokes Lee holds the Award in this picture for being the Best Erotic Author of the Year presented by BRAB. Brenda Stokes Lee, Is now here at An Author Speaks to share her Latest book and Life with our Listeners. Brenda shares her success with her family & friends and resides in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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