Thursday, February 14, 2013

Lady K Chats with Author David Stevens

Welcome To An Author Speaks...............................
Come out and Listen,  Friday Feb. 15th at 4:00 pm (PST)

 Host Lady K, will have in her Studio "Author David Stevens" Who will share His Latest Book Called: " Love For A Lifetime". If you are desiring to be Married or Would like to know What can you do to Stay Married for a Lifetime you will enjoy this Broadcast with our Guest Author!

Author David Stevens has been married 50 years. He is a Husband, Father ,Pastor & Counselor.  In his journey of writing David decided to write books that can help people who either have a desire to become married or If your already married you can learn Key principles how to maintain a happy relationship that can last a lifetime.
Even Though we all know that there is No Perfect Marriages but If you learn how to shape your marriage for success and give to it the attention that is needed a marriage can be considered perfectly designed for you.  We want to know from a Man who have remained married for 50 years, "How can you Find Love for A Lifetime"?

(This book is sold on Amazon and you can order it right here on our site)!

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