Friday, February 22, 2013

Lady K chats with Author Alretha Thomas

On Friday Feb. 22nd at 5:30 pm. (PST) Lady K will be chatting with Author Alretha Thomas about her Journey as an Author, Actress & Play Writer.  If you would like to show some support you may call into the show at: (646) 716-4707 while this show is Live!

Meet Author Alretha Thomas

Author Alretha Thomas, is here today to discuss her Journey to One Woman's Success.  Alretha Thomas begin writing in college at the University of Southern California where she studied Journalism. After she graduated at the Top of her class she begin to pursue a career in modeling & acting. While trying to find her way to success she discovered she had a passion to write stage plays and begin producing her own "Alretha Plays." Her writing begin to draw a huge number of followers which made her plays very popular.  Alretha begin to be recognized and she then begin to cast some of Hollywood's elite into many roles. One of her main actress which played the leading role in "One Woman Two Lives" was actress Kellita Smith from the hit sitcom called "The Bernie Mac Show."
Although her love for producing was an awesome experience Alretha still had plans to debut her very first novel called "Daughter Denied" in 2008. Then in 2011 she birthed her 2nd novel which was called "Dancing her Dreams Away." Alretha became a hit to her readers and in 2012 she released her latest book that many have enjoyed called "Married in the Nick of Nine" and known as "Nick of Nine." Although Alretha begin to receive ravening reviews for this Book it's been removed and will be released again in 2013.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Lady K Chats with Author David Stevens

Welcome To An Author Speaks...............................
Come out and Listen,  Friday Feb. 15th at 4:00 pm (PST)

 Host Lady K, will have in her Studio "Author David Stevens" Who will share His Latest Book Called: " Love For A Lifetime". If you are desiring to be Married or Would like to know What can you do to Stay Married for a Lifetime you will enjoy this Broadcast with our Guest Author!

Author David Stevens has been married 50 years. He is a Husband, Father ,Pastor & Counselor.  In his journey of writing David decided to write books that can help people who either have a desire to become married or If your already married you can learn Key principles how to maintain a happy relationship that can last a lifetime.
Even Though we all know that there is No Perfect Marriages but If you learn how to shape your marriage for success and give to it the attention that is needed a marriage can be considered perfectly designed for you.  We want to know from a Man who have remained married for 50 years, "How can you Find Love for A Lifetime"?

(This book is sold on Amazon and you can order it right here on our site)!

Author Margo Thompson Chats With Lady "K"

On Feb. 13th We Chat with "Author Margo Thompson" about her Latest Book called: "THE POWER OF THE "P"

Lady K and her Guest Author Margo sit down and chatted about the many role Men and Women play while being in a relationship or Marriage!
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Author Margo Thompson new book helps many people discover the Power in their relationships as becoming partners than only placing all the value on the "P".
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On Feb. 8th 2013 We Concluded Our Last Series of a (3) Part Show on the Topic: "What's Wrong With The Black Woman"  We are Happy you who listened in to all Three parts of this series discovered that Our African American Sistahs are not broken by the Color of their skin, but many of them have suffered greatly in order to accomplish Great Things through their Purpose and Existence!  Author Daryl McKeever and Host Lady "K" had a great time trying to expose the many issues that is within the African American Community and how A Black Woman can be restored in these perilous times.

Author Daryl McKeever Book Called "Sick and Tired, Sick and Tired" can be found on his personal Website as well as on Amazon. If you would like to connect with him you may go to the website: where you too can discover what to do when you have had enough of the Drama!