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Welcome to An Author Speaks!
Today we would like to Introduce a New Author to our Showcase of Author's, She has written a total of (3) BOOKS! Her first Book is a Book of Poetry and it's called "BLACK LOVE" and then she created her first novel called "BEAUTY IN PAIN" each of her books have been sold worldwide. Now on June 17th She shall welcome her latest arrival which is called "Autumn's Five Seasons The Men" We would like to help her kick-off this Joyful Event in the Launching of her New Book this Weekend!  But first we must share with you......................
                                WHO IS ALICE V. BENTON?

Alice will be Live On the Air ((Friday JUNE 15th at 4:00 p.m PST and  7:00 p.m EST )) on Sisterhoods Connections Blog talk radio show!  Join us then for an Exclusive Interview with our Guest!! 

 Alice V. Benton, is  a Author, Mother of  two grown children & A Grandmother. She lives in Brooklyn, New York with her Family. She has shown her sense of diversity in her writing and have captured a large number of reader's because she's learn to keep her reader intrigued. Alice is a Self-Published Author, who have gain a huge amount of respect from her Fans and she have learned many lessons which she wish to share some of the tips with our listener's on How she became a success in the Literary Community. Please Friends Help me Introduce our Guest for the Hour,  
Author Alice V.Benton!!!

Host:   Hello Alice V. Benton, An Welcome to  An Author Speaks!

Alice:  Hello, Thank you for having me here.

Host:  Well as you may already know, we have a wonderful show for you! But before I move any further I must get your permission to ask you some question about Who Is Alice V. Benton?

Alice:  Well as you said I am a Mother of two wonderful children and now A grandmother, I love to write and read. My ability of writing was inspired by my many experiences and my desire to share with others my stories from my own prospective.

Host:   Now, on Facebook I can't deny you've been a favorite, what do you think your reader's spot in your writing that captivates their soul ?

Alice:   lol......I think if I could choose anything it would be my ability to make others laugh and see themselves in my characters. Many readers are truly looking for character they can relate to an my approach is to keep my audience surprised and for some reason they love it!

Host:   Are most of your books based on personal experiences?

Alice:  I believe I  have found a niche in my writing, even though I may have some truth to my words, each book reflects the issues which have surrounded my Titles and many relates to LOVE so I just allow myself to write something I do feel I know much about.

Host:   I heard you are getting ready to release a Brand New Books, that must be so excited?

Alice:  Yes, it certainly is! I am having a Big Book Release Party on "Father's Day" I know it will be great!!

Host:    Well, Congratulation on your New Release and I know you'll be A Success  but can you tell us a little bit about your new Book "Autumn's Five Seasons The Men"?

Alice:   Thank you! Sure, Well My Book " Autumn's Five Seasons The Men" is a book about A young     Woman who to find love, she will learn several lessons before she recognize True Love. I don't want to give it away! But it's a wonderful story.......

Host:   Can you tell our Listener where can they go to order either one of your books?

Alice:   Great! They can go to, ebay, facebook or google my name and it will take them to one of my trusted sites to purchase my books from.

Host:    Well, Alice V. Benton it has been a pleasure to have you as a guest on "An Author Speaks"!And I can't wait to have you Live on our Show on June 15th! I want to invite all of our guest to tune Into our Show on Friday to Learn more about our Guest!

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We Thank You for your Support and We Hope you join this community of  Author's and friends as we learn more about the Author's who Speak into your life by their books!

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  1. Despite all the technical difficulties, I enjoyed Author Alice Benton and I patiently listened to her entire interview. I am truly inspired by her talent and determination to be a self-published Author. I admire that she is driven and extremely intelligent. Her sister would be extremely proud of her. I know I am. Therefore, I feel that I deserve a free copy of her book, Autumn's Five Seasons The Men.
    Author Tomeka Rocquelle Davis