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DO YOU know Who YOU Married?

Today An Author Speaks, Welcomes A New Author to our Showcase of Authors!
Show Airs On June 29 at: 4:00 p.m (PST) and 7:00 p.m. (EST)
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                                               Author Ondrea L. Davis
  Her New Book called  

Author Ondrea L.Davis is a mother of three children and resides in Upper Marlboro, MD. She graduated from South University earning a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting. And is currently pursuing her MBA. Ondrea L. Davis has a passion to work with youth and have been a Great Inspiration to many Churches and Communities. Although she has a busy life she still manages to have time to run her own Accounting and Consulting Firm.

Ondrea's, Book "How Could My Husband Be Gay" have won a number of Literary award in the 1st place in 2011 Reader's Favorite Award in Non-Fictional Relationships and the 2011 Book of the Year for Autobiographical Alternative. The Book was also listed as a 2011 African American Literature Book Club (AALBC) Best Selling eBook.  She have also received an honorable mention in the 2012 Prodigy Publishing Urban and Literary Awards.

Her book Message speaks to different interest group of youth, women,bookclubs & Churches. She speaks  in the areas of  "Discussion-->Awareness-->Prevention". Ondrea throughly believes taking simple steps of Preventative measure such as discussion and encouragement, can help guide people along the right path and prevent costly mistakes.

Can you please Help me Welcome "Author Ondrea L. Davis"...........................

The Interview

Host:  Good Everning, and  How are you doing this evening?

Ondrea: I'm doing fine, and Thank you for having me here  At An Author Speaks,

Host:  You are certainly Welcomed, And we are glad you were able to come as well. Now, It's on the mind of many so I just should ask the Question What Inspired you to write your book "How Could My Husband be Gay"?

Ondrea: My book is an Autobiography of my life.  And because there are so many women who have had to face some of the  many challenges as I did I felt my personal story would help another women as she tries to survive this type of ordeal.

Host: I know it took a lot of courageous to share this type of a Message, But how have your messaged changed you as An Author?  

Ondrea:  My Message is geared to help bring Discussion-Awareness- Prevention, each one of these areas have been key for me to help spread this message to anyone who will listen, but because it's a tale of deception it will benefit other women to be careful choosing a mate without knowing who the person really is!  Now, I believe if anything as an Writer, this book have strength me and my faith! I feel that God's shown favor, but it was lessons to be learned and now I have been given the message to share.

Host: Deception is one of the biggest things that many suffer in a Relationship, How do you feel about this alone?

Ondrea:  Deception, Deception, Deception, well it's sad because many people want to trust someone, but too many individuals find themselves holding such great power over other human's life. And instead they believe that it's a better choice to deceive someone than be straight forward. No one, wants to be deceived! It's not your choice to take away my choice.

Host:  I love the song you have on your Website, The Lyrics say "I Survived" Is this song made for like yourself and many other women who came out of such a very terrible ordeal?

Ondrea:  Yes, I believe it's words are everything one lives, when they are in this type of situation, you find yourself day after day fighting for your life, and praying that you have been covered from all the evils which plagues one life after experiencing this type of pain and embarrassment.  You just have to "Hold On". And this song speaks to anyone who faced many terrible situations as well.

Host:  How can your fans,readers and Listeners find out more about you and order a copy of your book?

Ondrea: Certainly they can go over to my website at:  and they can contact me on Facebook, & Twitter. My book can be found online at and on Kindle in ebook format as well. I also have an post on my Website the places I will be speaking and doing book signing all year long!
Host:  Are there any new projects in the making?

Ondrea:  Yes, I am working on a sequel to "How could my Husband be Gay" and I would like for the listeners at the time we go live on the air to find out more about my book. "A free Book will be Given Away"..........

Host: Wonderful, We Here at An Author Speaks, Truly wish you the most success! We would appreciate if our listener's come and visit  Author Ondrea L.Davis on June  29th  as we go Live and learn more about our wonderful friend and Author Ondrea L. Davis.

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