Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Welcome "Author Frank Terrazzano"

Welcome Back To An Author Speaks!

     We have in Our Studio Author Frank Terrazzano, who will share His New Book: 
                                         "Life With Cancer"
                                      This Show will Air: 
                "Thursday Oct, 11th @ 5:00 p.m (PST)" 
      If you have any questions you may speak to our Guest at:        
                     (646)-716-4707 while the show is Live!
                                The Lauren Terrazzano Story,
 "Award-Winning Social Journalist, Chronicled her Illness to bring Hope and Comfort to Others."

  Frank Terrazzano & Paul Lonardo is the Authors of their Book called: "Life with Cancer". This book is about the Life of An Award-Winning Social Journalist " Lauren Terrazzano."
  Today we will be Interviewing "Frank Terrazzano" who will share his story to help others who have suffered with cancer or have a story like his daughter Lauren Terrazzano Frank and Paul decided to release this story because of the Legacy that Lauren Left through her Articles.
   Frank will take us back to the beginning and allow us to understand what was it like to live a "Life with Cancer."  From the Beloved words of his daughter  Lauren Terrazzano.
 Frank is here to share "The Lauren Terrazzano Story"  This is a Picture of Paul Lonardo & Frank Terrazzano. 

Come out and Join us Here at An Author Speaks! 

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