Friday, October 26, 2012

Welcome to An Author Speaks!

Today we will have in Our Studio Indie Author "S.W. Frank"  here live at An Author Speaks!  If you have questions for this guest you may call into our studio at: (646) 716-4707 on (Friday) Oct. 26th  @ 5:00 p.m (PST)

   S. W. Frank is a wife and mother who resides in Queens, NY. Writing has always been a full-time quiet joy of the author. A former writer for a law school journal, emergency medical professional decorated for bravery, now currently in administration, this poet, artist and supporter of literacy and environmental causes continues to pursue the joy of writing. The rewards have been seeing each book become a top 100 in the kindle store on and the unimaginable thrill of seeing four books become a Bestseller in fiction in the US on the same day in April 2012! 
  S. W. Frank is here today to share several of her long line of Best seller Books. Frank's will be discussing her book called "Sisters of Cain & Abel" and her popular acclaimed novel called "Alfonzo" which she has already developed up to her Sixth Volume.  Can you please help us welcome Indie Author "S.W. Frank" to An Author Speaks!

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