Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Meet our 2012 American Idol Winner

Welcome to An Author Speaks,

Welcome to AN AUTHOR SPEAKS...
On Oct. 29th We had our 2012 American Idol Winner here inside our Studio and she share her New Book called: Unspoken Barely Spoken:  A Teenager's Torment.  
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Are you Struggling with Your Faith?

Welcome Everyone,

On October 29th (Monday) at: 4:00 pm. (PST) 
We aired the "Raw Faith" Show with My Co-host Elizabeth Chalker 

Elizabeth and I was talking about faith, and what is the difference between Raw faith & Just having Faith. We will air another Episode of this show Next month.  Elizabeth is a young women who was stricken with a Life threatening illness, and she want to share her message with those who have had to suffer while trying to remain faithful unto God. If you are struggling with your faith we suggest you come and listen to this show.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Welcome to An Author Speaks!

Today we will have in Our Studio Indie Author "S.W. Frank"  here live at An Author Speaks!  If you have questions for this guest you may call into our studio at: (646) 716-4707 on (Friday) Oct. 26th  @ 5:00 p.m (PST)

   S. W. Frank is a wife and mother who resides in Queens, NY. Writing has always been a full-time quiet joy of the author. A former writer for a law school journal, emergency medical professional decorated for bravery, now currently in administration, this poet, artist and supporter of literacy and environmental causes continues to pursue the joy of writing. The rewards have been seeing each book become a top 100 in the kindle store on and the unimaginable thrill of seeing four books become a Bestseller in fiction in the US on the same day in April 2012! 
  S. W. Frank is here today to share several of her long line of Best seller Books. Frank's will be discussing her book called "Sisters of Cain & Abel" and her popular acclaimed novel called "Alfonzo" which she has already developed up to her Sixth Volume.  Can you please help us welcome Indie Author "S.W. Frank" to An Author Speaks!

Update from "Kawand Crawford"

Welcome to An Author Speaks!

    We will have "Author Kawand Crawford" In our Studio on Thursday Oct. 25th @ 12:30 p.m (PST) Come and Join Us....
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Welcome Back to Our Studio, Author Kawand Crawford  who is an Urban Writer who has written his first Novel called: " Love, Loyalty & Dangerous Games"  and His second Novel which is considered the sequel and is called: " Dangerous Games, No Love, Loyalty!  
  Kawand Depict his storyline around his accident early on in his youthful years, which his condition left him a paraplegia. Inspite of his Life changing progonsis he begin to attend college and graduated with a Associates Degree and then his Bachelors. While in college Kawand begin to enjoy the skill of writing and later from that experience was passionate to pursue a career as an author. 
  Kawand states in his Interview, He's been told that his Book: "Love, Loyalty & Dangerous Games", had the making to become a Great Ideal for a movie, In which he extremely welcomes, and with over 7,000 copies sold his Book was considered a Good Read for all to enjoy!
  Today Author Kawand Crawford will share his Latest Book which will be released in November 2012 called: "The Hood Keeper" Please come and join us as we talk with him today or you may archive this show.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Meet Author Stephanie L. Williams

Welcome To An Author Speaks!

October 19th At: 5:00 pm. (PST)  I will be Interviewing "Author Stephanie Williams"  If you have Questions you may call into our show at: (646)-716-4707

    Or you may login , and use our BTR Chat room to post your questions!

     Latest Book: Finding Eve... But, Where Is Adam?
                    One Man, One Woman and One God!
Author Stephanie Williams has been writing for many years! After being called into the Ministry Stephanie felt God Speaking to her about Men and Women Relationships.  In 2009, Williams released her first book called: "Take Me As I Am" this story is about a Women who struggles to find Purpose while being a victim of Deception. Stephanie decided this time she wanted to speak to her reader's in away she could help shed much light , about how many people are being deceived by their own expectations and desires.
 "Finding Eve....But, Where Is Adam" is the Book that can help many Men & Women Understand how Important it is to Identify What is the primary position they should be standing in order to receive their mate. Williams demonstrates in this book what happened in the Garden of Adam & Eve and she shares key scriptures to help clarify the true meaning of a Man,Woman and God Relationship. This book can be used to reference scriptures pertaining to God's First Man and Women Relationship and help the believer find their purpose and destiny at the same time. Would you please Welcome "Author Stephanie L. Williams" to An Author Speaks!

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Friday, October 12, 2012

The American Idol Poetry Show....

Welcome Back To An Author Speaks!

    This Friday Oct. 12th you have been Invited to Come and Join the FUN!!
                            call into to Listen to our show at 5:00 p.m. (PST) 646-716-4707

We will have our "American Idol Poetry Show"  
This Show will consist of (5) Top Finalist
There names are:  Magenta Black, Toni Hodges, Ranisha Bowen, Deborah Palmer & Vulyncia Poxindexter

Each Contestant will come Live and Share their Poetry!  Who will be our Winner?

Our Judges will determine once all the votes are in,  Help Us Celebrate with who will claim this Title for our 2012 American Idol Poetry Winner!

You may post your votes in our Chat room, We will share your votes with our Listener's..........

 You do not want to miss this Show!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Welcome "Author Frank Terrazzano"

Welcome Back To An Author Speaks!

     We have in Our Studio Author Frank Terrazzano, who will share His New Book: 
                                         "Life With Cancer"
                                      This Show will Air: 
                "Thursday Oct, 11th @ 5:00 p.m (PST)" 
      If you have any questions you may speak to our Guest at:        
                     (646)-716-4707 while the show is Live!
                                The Lauren Terrazzano Story,
 "Award-Winning Social Journalist, Chronicled her Illness to bring Hope and Comfort to Others."

  Frank Terrazzano & Paul Lonardo is the Authors of their Book called: "Life with Cancer". This book is about the Life of An Award-Winning Social Journalist " Lauren Terrazzano."
  Today we will be Interviewing "Frank Terrazzano" who will share his story to help others who have suffered with cancer or have a story like his daughter Lauren Terrazzano Frank and Paul decided to release this story because of the Legacy that Lauren Left through her Articles.
   Frank will take us back to the beginning and allow us to understand what was it like to live a "Life with Cancer."  From the Beloved words of his daughter  Lauren Terrazzano.
 Frank is here to share "The Lauren Terrazzano Story"  This is a Picture of Paul Lonardo & Frank Terrazzano. 

Come out and Join us Here at An Author Speaks! 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Meet Author Kennedee

Welcome to An Author Speaks!

 We Have New "Author Kennedee Devoe" Here to Share her New Book Called:
        "Two Wrongs Don't Make It Right It Makes Us Even"

       On: TUESDAY, OCT.9TH @ 5:00 p.m (PST)
            Call In # (646) 716-4707 if you have any questions for our Guest!



 Kennedee Devoe,  is a New Author of her First Book Called: "Two Wrongs Don't Make It Right It Makes Us Even" This Book exposes the truth about successful and failed relationships with men from Author Kennedee's own personal perspective!
 Kennedee Devoe, begin her passion as a writer while in High School as the Editor for her High School Newspaper. She holds an Associate Degree, in Early Childhood Studies, A Bachelors Degree in Business Administration, and a Masters Degree in Human Services.
 Kennedee has worked for a variety of Parks and Recreations Departments For-Profits and Non-Profits Agencies. She currently works in the Non-Profits Sector as a Program Director. Kennedee hails from Carson Ca, and resides in Los Angeles.

Come and Join me  At An Author Speaks while I share the Truth about Men and Women Relationships!                -Kennedee Devoe,                                              

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Celebrity Actress & Author "CHERIE JOHNSON"

Welcome to An Author Speaks! 

Celebrity Star "CHERIE JOHNSON" will be on An  
                    Author Speaks Live Radio Show: 
                    October 5th @ 5:00 p.m (PST)
 If you have questions for our Guest you may call
                     this  number: (646)716-4707
                     or you may use our Live Chat 
  "Cherie Johnson" &  Her Book "Peaches & Cream"

Cherie Johnson was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1975. Cherie was six when she rose to fame and land her first role on a sitcom called:"Punky Brewster" as little Cherie in the early 80's.

Cherie also co-starred in the Hit sitcom called "Family Matters" as Maxine which this show aired from 1989-1997 on NBC and on CBS from 1997-1998 with 215 Episodes. Family Matters is the third longest running U.S. sitcom with a predominantly African American Cast.

Cherie has acted, appeared, co-produced, produced and sang on many projects. These are just some of many including: Crush, Child Star Confidential, Raven, 50 Cutest Child Star; All grown up, Top 25 moments of BET History, The Proud Family, The Parkers, Teaching Mrs.Tingle, Andy Williams and The NBC Kids search for Santa, & Days of Our Lives. 

Cherie Johnson, has co-written, written and self published books including "Around The World Twice, Two Different Walks of Life, And with her Latest Book she will be sharing with us: "PEACHES & CREAM". Cherie Johnson has been nominated and won several Awards including the Young Artist Award, Award of Excellence by The National Association of Youth In Entertainment, Opulece Humanitarian Award, And the Reader's Choice Award by African American on the Move Book Club.

Please Help Us Welcome Our Special "Celebrity Actress & Author "Cherie Johnson" to An Author Speaks Live Radio Show At: "Sisterhoods Connections" on Blog Talk Radio...