Thursday, March 28, 2013

Life after 40 Radio Talk show

           "Welcome to Life After 40 Radio Talk Show"

"Life after 40" Radio Talk Show" was created to help many people develop a new way to deal with the many different changes that are discovered after you reach the 40 year mark! Although a person's health can be very exhausting and hard to get back in order it can still serve as a great reminder what will happen to you if you fall to get back the life you once had or dreamed always of. Lady K ideal is to bring people who can help us learn how deal with the bodies that we've been given.

On: 3/1/13 Lady K, had in her studio a Licensed Healthy and Wellness Coach here to share her own personal health regimen and how important it really is to be at your best fit size.  Lady K also offers some of her own personal tips as she shred pounds over a period of time as well.  You may archive the show for your own personal enjoyment. Her Guest was Lynnis Woods-Mullins. Lynnis is a licensed wellness coach and nutritionist. She also has her own business which she created to give personal praise to her Savior called PraiseWorks. She's also allowed her body to sculpture the Ultimate measure of Praise.

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