Thursday, March 28, 2013

Meet Author Nikole Morgan

Come and Join Lady K as she Chats with Author Nikole Morgan about her New Book called: 
           "Picking Up His Pieces".
Author Nikole shares a delightful Message of Change for Three different Types of Men. Though there lives are different they all share one thing in common "CHANGE" in order for each characters life to be saved! Malcolm, Ivy & Raymond are waiting to share their thoughts with you.  Help us understand the Change that was needed.

Nikole unlocks many secrets that tend to hold a person in bondage for many years! She Celebrates her first Novel by introducing to her readers the many lessons life will offer when you have not surrender your entire will over to God. Stay Tune as Lady K, interview this Upcoming Guest on: (Fri- 29th) at: 3:30 pm. (PST). If you would like to call into the show and listen you may dial (646) 716-4707 while the show is airing to ask a question or you may archive this episode after the show.

Thank you Listeners for your Support!

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