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WHo Is Melissa Ann Ricks?


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 Author Melissa Ann Ricks                  WHO IS MELISSA ANN RICKS?

   Author Melissa Ann Ricks is a wife and mother of two sons. She has been writing since the birth of her Eldest son. In her Bio-Testimony Melissa addresses her passion to create fiction books which pertains to Christian story to illuminate and spread  a message for the Kingdom of God by giving ALL"Glory unto The Lord" Jesus Christ! Although she begin writing she sense her vision to write was not by her own permission but by the leading of the Holy Spirit she felt the Call on her life to write Books that pertain to everyday Christian Living as well as Faith Builders to give her readers a new perspective of Godly Living. And offer them a Savior she has come to know. Melissa have been on a Number of Talk Shows which Found her work to be the bases of Christian Faith and She have reached a Number of people who shares in this same dimension of Faith!

Can you PLEASE Help me Welcome:  "Author Melissa Ann Ricks"

The Interview:

Host:   Hello, Melissa Ann Ricks, How are you today?

Melissa:  I am Blessed and How are you?

Host:   I Am Blessed as Well. Wonderful, I would like to ask you some questions, so that your readers, may learn more about  WHO IS MELISSA ANN RICKS? Can you tell us when did you believe you wanted to become an author?

Melissa: Well, If I keep it truthful, I didn't begin writing stories about my life, until I became pregnant with my oldest son.

Host: What kinds of stories did you write?

Melissa:  Well, While I was pregnant I really begin to write story that described the way my child felt inside of my womb, and how the birth of my Baby arriving came with anxieties and excite, how each movement represent life,and how it became the Joy of my happiness. And  Also I found myself  writting about the Love I have for my husband who remains by my side.

Host: What is the Title of your First Book?


Host: What was it about?

Melissa: This Book was about a young women who had experienced many different lessons, Her Journey in faith after she realized what was going on in her life, caused her to trust God like never before.

Host: Did you write another book, and if so What's the Title? and what is that book about as well?

Melissa:   Yes, I do The Title is "THE SON" and this book is a fiction novel about a young man who had a call on his life to work for the kingdom of God, But he feared the calling and many obstacles came to position him to become the Man God had Called him to become, And he was given a Beautiful Gift for being Obedient to the Call.

Host: Wow, You  are really talented, Even though I'm still in the early chapters of the Book "THE BLOOD DONE SIGNED MY NAME"  I must say it's a very interesting Story! Now how you believe this book will change your readers?

Melissa:  Well, If A person shares a hunger for something more than the visible eye can see, they will enjoy "THE BLOOD DONE SIGNED MY NAME". This Book will encourage anyone to never lay your faith aside, because God can use those darkest events in our life, and begin to witness his beautiful in many painful experiences.

Host: Can you tell your reader's where they can find more about you as well as order your books?

Melissa: Wonderful!!They can definitely visit my website at: and my books are sold on Amazon, and in ebooks format. They may also contact me on Facebook, I enjoy hearing about my books and would love to chat with my fans. or go to my website: where they can purchase my books as well.

Host:  Awesome! Well  An Author Speaks is glad to have you here "Author Melissa Ann Ricks" and I want our listeners to know, we will have her LIVE Interview on the Air to Learn More about this Author.

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