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Come Meet Greet and Talk with Our Guest
 "Author Tivona Elliot"
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 An Author on A Mission.............
   Author Tivona Elliot is a Self-Published Writer, who was born and raised Wichita,Kansas. Tivona has a passion to share stories which are self learned lessons which she openly would like to share with her Fans and Readers.  She enjoys writing, talking to youth and adults about her latest book(s) called
"Livin the Fast Life" and "The Unmarritable."
   Tivona Is A Author On A Mission. She has been through many Trials and Tribulations, and because she has a strong determination to persevere over her circumstance she is delighted to share just how wonderful and powerful life can be when you can use a pen to help share the message of truth and hope to her readers.She believes her past is the reason she is here today and would like to speak openly about the many challenges and triumphs which have made her
the woman she is today! Come and Join this Author as she share her own Personal Message only here at An Author Speaks!

Host: Hello Author Tivona Elliot to Our Show!

Tivona: I am grateful to be hear...

Host:  We always start by asking what Inspired you to become An Author?

Tivona:  We'll funny as it may sound, I had a dream And Later I realized it was apart of the Plan God
had for my life. It's really funny how we learn more about who we are when we are placed in situations that are sent to teach us what is more important.

Host: What does it feels like to have written two books?

Tivona: It really feels great! I wake up so happy to share the stories of my own life in my books, to help others to know they "ARE NOT ALONE"...

Host:  What Is Your books About?

Tivona: My book can be considered a reflection of my life and my past, I felt it needed to be written mainly because many women have been misunderstood because they have a past. "Living the Fast Life" well help put to rest many people who love to judge a book by only reading the cover...

Host: What about your Second book, why did you feel you needed to Write THE UNMARRITABLE?

Tivona: Honestly The Unmarritable is written from my own feeling toward dating and marriage. I know many women have asked themselves am I Unmarritable?  Lol. I know I have, and still to this day I've wondered if I will ever meet my prince charming.

Host:  Do you have a Mentor?

Tivona:  I cannot say that I do, mainly, because everyone I tried to reach out to never showed a unique  Interest. And that's when I because a self published Author who suffered many things while creating my books.

Host:   How have writing your Two Books, changed you as a person?

Tivona:  My books mean everything to me, mainly because I dug deep to get them from within! I believe this journey in being a self published author has taught me that you can't depend on anyone but yourself and God. I will talk live about what happened to me hoping this may be of some help for others!

Host:  What's to come for "Author Tivona Elliot"?

Tivona:  Where do I start?  Livin the Fast Life, will be a 4 part sequel and The Unmarritable will be a 2 part sequel. Both Books are Page Turners!

Host: How can your Fans Find you "Author Tivona Elliot"?

Tivona: On Facebook at: Tivona Elliot,Twitter: Fast life Management, & Livin the Fast Life at blogspot.
An Livin the Fast life is on and The Unmarritable is on Ebook at Barnes and Noble until August 2012 when my Latest book will be sold nationwide.

Host: For all those who do not already know who is Tivona Elliot would you like to speak to your fans, about anything we don't already know about you?

Tivona: I want my readers to know "What they see is What they get" in me, this means, if you've read any of my books and found them to be a page turner this is a what you can always expect of my work.

Host: Alright Tivona, That's my cue, I Thank You for coming onto An Author Speaks and I am looking forward to talk with Live on the Air Only at An Author Speaks!


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