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 Welcome to AN AUTHOR SPEAKS our Guest Author Kawand Crawford

Showtime:  Friday, August 3rd  Time: 5:00 P.M (PST)
  Call #: (646)-716-4707

        "The Man with A Gift"
MEET The Man With A Gift, "AUTHOR KAWAND CRAWFORD". who is the author of two book his first Novel is called "Love, Loyalty & Dangerous Games", and his second book is called "Dangerous Games No Love No Loyalty" the sequel. Kawand was raised in Brooklyn near Coney Island. After he became 20yrs old he was injured in a Motorcycle Accident which left him paralyzed. In 1999 Kawand achieved his goal to earn his Associate Degree In Business and in 2002 he obtained his Bachelor Degree in Accounting.  Although he suffered many different tragedies he never allowed himself  to feel sorry for himself. When asked If he could change the day of his Accident his response was "I WOULD NOT CHANGE A THING" It is what made me a Better man today! And had I not been injured I might not had ever discovered a world of people who needed to hear my story and be left encouraged by the testimony of " A Man with A Gift" to help change and impact a world that has No direction and lives with No meaning.

Will you help me Welcome Author Kawand Crawford to An Author Speaks!


Host:  Hello, Kawand, it's a pleasure to welcome you to our Show!

Kawand:  I count it a privilege to be apart of your show!

Host:   Kawand can you share with us what Inspired you to become An Author?

Kawand: We'll it wasn't until my accident, and being left paralyzed left me wanting to share all the memories which had been locked within my head for 18 months as I lied on the hospital bed trying to regain my life from my accident there I began to realized that my Gift was to share my story with others.

Host: Tell us about your TWO Books "Love, Loyalty & Dangerous Games" and the sequel "Dangerous Games No Love No Loyalty"?

Kawand: Okay, My first novel Love, Loyalty & Dangerous Games, is about a young man living a lifestyle in the world filled with many different avenues where he went to make a name for himself, and then it drops the accident and how his life begin to change.  And the sequel Dangerous Games No Love No Loyalty, Pick up and tells about how I found No Love and Loyalty while the transition from a lifestyle in the street. Both books really reflects my true Life story with a twist here and there!

Host: Which Book your readers have enjoyed the most?

Kawand: I would like to say both, because You will find enjoyment while reading both of my books, In my sequel I will unlock questions that could only be answered in my second book! Many readers have been equally favored by the two!

Host: Kawand, Do you have any regrets?

Kawand:  We'll I know it may sound crazy but I don't regret my accident like most people would've thought! I know it's a big difference from being able to walk and not use a wheelchair, but it's added the same challenge that this used to be "bad boy" would encounter in my youthful years! I know it's stamped my life, but it has not paralyzed my dreams.  I feel sometimes like I have been given a chance to become a new man and it makes my life interesting more than one can imagine.

Host: How has the Accident changed your Outlook on Life?

Kawand:  Thank you, We'll I must say I have gotten so much accomplished than what I would have achieved had I still been able to run those streets! Trust me, when I say this, I was a Bad Boy, and people still remember that young man, and it's took many years for people to accept me for the man I am today, But my life is a gift! I recognized that I was left here to complete my earth mission and I have put every step forward to help better myself as well as help others at the same time.

Host: Wonderful, What do you want people to know about "Author Kawand Crawford"?

Kawand:  Mainly, I am a real person who had a story unlike most stories to share, it was the story of my life, after my Injury God sent a dear old friend to tell me this " Kawand you have to share your story with others"  her words gave me the courage to tell, express and build hope in people lives which has lost hope for their future. I really Hope they are given a second chance as I was given and I am forever grateful for her advice, because I've been given many opportunities and platforms to share my Life Testimony.

Host:  How can your Fans, Readers and Listeners find out more about Author Kawand Crawford?

Kawand: Definitely they can find me on Face Book, My books are both sold as ebooks, and "Love, Loyalty & Dangerous Games" is on amazon. My sequel "Dangerous Games No Love No Loyalty" is available at> or on Kindle. If they would like to order a copy of either books they can visit my website: and there they read my Bio as well leave a message for me or order my books!

Host:  We'll, Kawand I appreciate you  for allowing us to Interview you and Can't wait to talk with you LIVE On the Air August 3rd. Congrats and We wish you the Most Success.

Be sure to Tune into "Author Kawand Crawford" Show Live here only at An Author Speaks!

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