Saturday, July 7, 2012

"The Man Behind The Wisdom"


We have a Wonderful Surprise for Our Listener's  Mark your Calendars Shon "The Doctor of Love" Hyneman" of his New Book "Wisdom: Preventing Problems Before They Happen"  Will be Live here to Talk and Share his Godly Tips, Before he Goes on Tour!

Author Shon Hyneman is Scheduled for Tour JULY 23rd- AUGUST 3, 2012 
INTERVIEW WILL BE ON AN AUTHOR SPEAKS: JULY 20TH at 5:00 p.m (PST) and 7:00 p.m (MST)      This is a Show you Do not Want to Miss.......................

Shon "The Doctor of Love" Hyneman is Going to Be Sharing Godly Love Wisdom only at AN AUTHOR SPEAKS!
Meet ME on the Air July 20th for My Interview on my New Book:"Wisdom: Preventing Problems Before They Happen"

   Author Shon Hyneman was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio for 25 years. In 2004 Shon and his Family Moved to Phoenix, Arizona where he and his Beautiful Wife and Two Children Lives. He and His Wife Started a Ministry Called "NEVER AGAIN" Ministries to Help other Couple strengthen and Build a Prosperous and Healthy Relationship! And their teaching is based on Spiritual principles which will allow anyone to be amazed just how their Life will change Immediately with this Helpful Wisdom. Each Chapter will Show Standard examples which have plague many Loving Couples and Now Shone believes it's his mission to set the tables straight as he reveals hidden factors and secrets which can help restore a Marriage in trouble as well as help prepare newly married couples a chance to escape many "Marriage Blockers" which tends to destroy many marriages. Please Tune in and Meet Our Guest Author only at An Author Speaks "The Man Behind The Wisdom".


Host:  Hello Author Shon Hyneman

Shon:   Hello, And How are you doing?

Host:  Wonderful, Shon Thank you for asking, And I hope you are doing Great yourself?

Shon: Wonderful and Blessed!

Host: Now we are Aware you are getting ready to go on tour with  Write Now Lit Virtual Blog Tour, Can you share a Little bit about your Tour?

Shon: Okay, Write Now Lit Virtual Blog Tour is geared to introduce Authors and Books to others who promote Authors, as well as Do Live Interviews on the Air! I am excited and I really can't wait to release my book Live for my readers to enjoy!

Host: Let's get into your New Book?  Tell us about the New Book " Wisdom: Preventing Problems Before They Happen?

Shon: Great, We'll My Latest Book " Wisdom: Preventing Problems Before They Happen" is a book to mainly help couples  "Prevent things Before they Happen". It bases are structured behind common everyday scenario's which tends to plague marriages.  Ex: I have a part in my book that discusses the "Love Language" that is shared "why don't we use this language" I help others, learn the Language of Love which is vital for a marriage to succeed.  It's Awesome to be completely in Love with your Mate still after 10 years.

Host: Now, Hold on  We have a New Book, A Tour, and A Man with a Title!  Tell Us,Who is  Shon "The Doctor of Love" Hyneman?

Shon: By My Experience I really believe GOD has given me a eye for Solution! I have already written (3) books prior to this one: " God is No Practical than you Think", " It's the Women you Gave Me" and A (Workbook for Couples) "Three OR Even Better" Each of my Books, Help Teach and Instruct people how to retain Wisdom Prevention. This mean I personally give my readers ideals, how to avoid costly mistakes.

Host: What can you tell our Listeners,Your readers and Fan About you they may not already know?

Shon:  I enjoy varies sports in my spare time.

Host: Shon it's so wonderful to see a Man take on such a Big Mission! Can you share with us How did you come with this ideal to share this kind of Helpful Information with others?

Shon: Well, If I keep it real My wife and I counsel Couples,and through counseling we've discovered many couples share some of the same problems which allowed me to become a resource for a solution to help others find answers to their everyday life circumstances.

Host: Tell us, About your Ministry "Never Again"?

Shon: Never Again Ministries became the Ideal to help couples who have repeated those same words
"Never Again" this became the bases of a mission which can enable others to turn negative words into positive statements such as: Never Again will I do this, do that, to my partner and spouse.

Host:  Help Me out now, How much of Book you will say your wife Londina help you write? 

Shon:   Alright Thank you, Yes, I must say she can have HALF, because Londina have been very Helpful in this process. My Wife would remind me about certain events, and was always willing to help add helpful tips and solution which helped me Birth my Latest book: Wisdom: Preventing Problems before they Happen!

Host: Okay, Shon, I really Enjoyed chatting with you and I really am excited to have you on Our show! I want you to share with our Listener's how can they connect and find more about you 
"The Man Behind the Wisdom"?

Shon: Sure, I am on Facebook at: S.Hyneman@facebook and on Twitter at: 1DRLOVE @twitter, and if they wish to connect with me or purchase any one of my books they can visit my website:

Host: Wonderful, Shon!! We wish you the Most Success as you go on your tour, we want to Thank you for Allow An Author Speaks to help Premiere your Book and We can't wait to take you Live on the air so that your Fans and Listeners may be able to meet the Author Shon Hyneman.  

Check for the Showtime ......

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