Friday, August 10, 2012

Author "Saragine Francois"

 AUGUST 10TH  AT: 5:00 P.M (PST)
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     "Author Saragine Francois"
  "New Book, New Story, New Adventure"......
Today we would like to welcome Another Guest to AN AUTHOR SPEAKS....
 "AUTHOR SARAGINE FRANCOIS".     Saragine is an Author who enjoys writing stories for Children literature. Saragine has written a Number of Books for Children everyday enjoyment. Her passion for writing Children Stories begin in 2003 after attending Suffolk Community College where her talent was birth for writing Children Tales. Saragine is also a Substitute Teacher for Middle school and is a Wife and Mother of (5) children (3) Boys and (2) girls. She enjoys creating and writing books that help engage the minds of children. She will be here at An Author Speaks to share her Latest Book: "Diamond's Lucky Penny" along with many of her wonderful created line of Children Books! Can you please help me Welcome "AUTHOR SARAGINE FRANCOIS" to AN AUTHOR SPEAKS!! 


Host:   Hello, Saragine Francois,

Saragine: Hello, and Thank you for this Interview

Host: I appreciate you willing to come and share with us "WHO IS SARAGINE"?

Saragine: We'll,  Saragine is a wife and mother, I Love children and I believe my life mission was not only to become a mother but also help stimulate the minds of young people.

Host: When did you decide to become an Author for Children Literature?

Saragine: Honestly, it was while I was attending college to pursue my teacher's credentials. My teacher told everyone in our class to create a children storybook which would be considered apart of our final. While creating this story I learned my gift was to become a Children Literature Author.

Host:  Do you remember what story did you select to write about for your Final?

Saragine: Yes, It was called "The Magic Pen"  Mainly because I wanted a Magic pen that would solve this problem for me to write this story for my final. Later after becoming an Published Author I created "Sasha and the Magic Pen" 

Host: Wonderful, Now how does it feel to be able to write imaginative stories that help shape the minds of many children?

Saragine: It's been a wonderful journey, I feel like I've found who I am in my writing, And what I enjoy the most is the fact that many Children can enjoy the imaginative characters in a Healthier since. Many Avid readers and friend have purchased my books because it's been said that my characters seem so real anyone young mind can enjoy!

Host:  How have the Community of Children Literature received your Books?

Saragine:  Funny you ask, But I was just told by Frecklesbox  that my books should be read by all children. This made me feel Like I am doing something great for Children and I hope they enjoy my books.

Host:Tell me what is a Day like with Saragine?

Saragine: We'll as you already know I rise early because I have to get my children off to school and then after my house is quite I love to sit down and watch Good Morning America with a warm cup of tea.  Later I begin doing some writing,editing or research whatever is necessary to complete my projects. I also enjoy reading Novel from Best Seller's who are Famous because I want to try and understand why did their books become a Best Seller!

Host: Great Ideal, Now we definitely can't wait Saragine to have a Live Interview with you on the Air, But before we leave can you tell us how can you be contacted?

Saragine: Sure, I can be reached on Facebook at: Saragine Francois. Or my fans may visit my website at: they can leave me a message and I will get back with them. My books are available on ebooks for kindle and nooks devices, and can be purchased in book format on Amazon.

Host: Well, Thank you "Author Saragine Francois" for being available to come on our show! We appreciate your gift and Wish you Much Success!! And We Look forward to learning more about you on An Author Speaks Live!

Saragine: Thank You for allowing to come and share my story and Journey. I appreciate this opportunity!

Host: We want to Invite all of our Listeners to Come and Listen to Author Saragine Francois on Friday Aug. 10th at 5:00 p.m (PST) only here at An Author Speaks!!

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