Friday, August 24, 2012

Author Alice V. Benton

Welcome to An Author Speaks!

    Author Alice v. Benton, She is a Single Mother of 2 adult children and is a grandmother who lives in Brooklyn New York. Alice has written Three books and her first book is called "BLACK LOVE" a book of poetry. Her Next book is called "BEAUTY IN PAIN" which is a Novel, And her Latest book is called "AUTUMN'S FIVE SEASONS the men." Join her as she discuss her New book, Her Life and her Advice to New Authors!  Come And say Hello to the Author! Her show airs on Aug. 24th at: 5:00pm (PST)


Host:   Hello Alice!

Alice:  Hello, And Good to be here!

Host:  I am glad you were able to come back and we are excited to have you here!

Alice: Well Thank You, and I'm Happy to be here as well.

Host:  Alice, can you share what is like to be and inspiring Author?

Alice:  Well I must say it's a wonderful feeling to be an Author who seeks to inspire my readers to dream bigger than they can imagine. I enjoying creating characters that my fans will not forget!

Host:  Wonderful, Well that makes a difference,, What made you write your Book Black Love?

Alice: What made me feel like Black Love needed to be written was my love for poetry and I started my writing through the words of poetry.

Host:  Can you tell us a little about Beauty in Pain?

Alice: Well this book is about my Sister, who was in a tragic accident, and It's her story i felt needed to be told.

Host:  Now, what about "Autumn's Five Seasons the men" tell us about your latest book?

Alice:  This book is about a woman who falls in love in the different season's of her life, It's a funny, but true collections of her past up to her future. Autumn is a character that will keep you coming back for more of her and I am happy to present her to An Author Speaks!

Host: Okay, Everyone  "Author Alice V. Benton" will be here to share her books on Aug.24th at (Pst)

Host: Alice how can your fans contact you?

Alice: They can go to facebook, ebay, amazon, and google my name and they will find me and my books.  They will also have a chance to order either one of my books from one of my most trusted sites or they may leave a message for me at An Author Speaks.

Host: Well, I am Happy you are here, and I can't wait to talk with you Live on Aug.24th. And Thank you
Alice we wish you the most success here from An Author Speaks! 

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