Friday, August 17, 2012

Author Ton'e Brown


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      "The Voice of Hope"   
 Author "Ton'e Brown", Is a Inspirational Storyteller who is determine to dig deep within herself to deliver a timely message. Her stories remind her readers of human experiences and tragedies which continue to clarify that God can still use a vessel which was once broken. Ton'e loves to challenge her reader's to stand until the end no matter what comes your way, "Stay Determined Until You Receive Your Prize".
 Although Author Ton'e Brown Inspirational message has been present in her books her message of Hope and Faith remains to be the essence of her being and have cause her fans to be renewed in their hearts and in their faith! Ton'e s latest book "Rough Patch Twisted Fate" Her Story encourages her readers to know that they are not alone Even when it really feels as if they are! Ton'e lives in Atlanta, Georgia and was born in Indiana, Indianapolis. Ton'e is a Business Woman who have won many accolades for her acclaimed books and have decided to help other Author's and Writer's while she attempts to share and coach the life of Future Best Sellers. Would you please help me welcome Our Guest Author "Ton'e Brown" to An Author Speaks!
The Interview:

Host: Hello, Ton'e!

Ton'e:  Hello, Keesha I am happy to be here!

Host:  I feel happy for you, I want to begin our Interview asking you to share something About yourself?

Ton'e: If I could say anything about myself, I would say I a very passionate person when it comes to helping other people. I believe we all need some form of help!

Host: That's wonderful, I know your family is happy about your success! But can you share with us a little bit about your Latest book?

Ton'e:  Yes! Rough Patch Twisted Fate tells a story about two character's that share similar fates! In the end they will learn what life is really about!

Host: Tell us about your publishing Business?

Ton'e: Okay, I'm the founder of "Hayden Publishing" which I decided to create because I learned many lessons which could help others when I began my Journey as a Self Published Author. I really felt what I learned should not go to waste.

Host: Can you share one of the lessons which you overcame as your journey continued as an Author?

Ton'e: One Lesson I learned was if you have a love for writing, don't keep it from the world get your work published because you never know who will be affected by your writing. I had been writing for many years before my work was published. I would have never thought that I could have ever won the accolades and respect from others had I never given my work a chance. Even though I've never made it about sells without a message, it was a lesson that everyone should ask themselves, Why do I want to become an Author?

Host: Can you share with our Listeners where they can contact you or purchase your book?

Ton'e: If  anyone want to contact me, go to my website at: or you can contact me on Facebook at: Ton'e Brown. Also, my books are on amazon. Check my books out!

Host:  Ton'e I really appreciate you, for coming on An Author Speaks! And I cannot wait to talk with you live on the air! Please check for our showtime.

Ton'e:  Truly this is a Blessing!    

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