Friday, August 10, 2012

Listener's and Friends!!

From: An Author Speaks,
Dear: Listeners and Friends

   It's been our pleasure to bring you wonderful New Faces each week, we have been doing well with your support! Our Show is making and important impact on the Literary Community. We already have 1000's of listener's and we are honored you have been very supportive and happy to become apart of a growing community of Listeners!

Why we do what we do:

* Because Authors need a platform to make a more personal Impact on their fans, readers, and listeners!
* Because we care!
* Because making a mark that can change this world is key!
* Because we believe through this exposure you well increase your traffic and sales!

If you would like to become a guest on our show you may email us:

We will be Introducing new ways to market your books on a higher scope soon! Thank you again for your continued support!!  We Invite you to join our community of Friends and Authors!


  1. We had a great time talking with you at the LABBX on Saturday. We hope that we can be involved in some of your upcoming events.

    Thank You

    Jake Bell


  2. Thank you so much Jake Bell, Looking forward to a Interview soon! Also I will definitely keep you in mind for any upcoming events!

    An Author Speaks!